November 23, 2015


Gaston Park

The Gaston Park is named after the first Mayor of Cagayan de Oro City, Segundo Gaston.

Located is the circle shaped park very close to the Saint Agustin Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace.

The Gaston Park is a very important landmark for the city and its people. Here is where it all began, from the first beginning on. On weekends the park and the place in front of the cathedral is full of people of all ages.

Gaston Park – 2011

A few images of the lively and lovely Gaston Park on one of the sundays in the year 2011.

Around the green grass of the circular pond whole families having picknick or just enjoying the sunshine or the shade under the trees. Children are merrymaking on monkey bars, swing and slide. Buying icecream, balloons, cotton candy, and banana que.



Gaston Park – 2012

Just by coincidence, I had something to do in one of the stores here and to my surprise, the fountain was working on a simple working day.



Vicente de Lara Park (McArthur Park)

is a popular jogging area during the morning situated in front of the Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental building with age-old mahogany trees that provide a therapeutic canopy for the promenades. A Press Freedom Monument and the Heritage Monument of Misamis Oriental designed by national artist Eduardo Castrillo can also be found in this redevelopment park.



Divisoria – Golden Friendship Park

Constructed in 1902 to serve as a fire breach, the park, known as Divisoria, consist of five islands featuring the monuments of the national hero Jose P. Rizal, President Ramon Magsaysay, and Andres Bonifacio. The City of Freedom monument and the Kiosko Kagawasan are also in Divisoria.

The Kiosko Kagawasan serve as a venue for cultural an political events. It has the bronze statue of the legendary City Mayor Justiniano T. Borja , done by National Artist Napoeon Abueva.

Divisoria – Golden Friendship Park – 2011

In the year 2011 it was fun to walk the Golden Friendship Park from the ampitheater to the end to the Park Cafe and sipping a coffee or a cold drink. Not everything was perfect, but the park was nice and enjoyable with all the traffic branding around like a rock in the angry sea.



Divisoria – Golden Friendship Park – 2016

The first look is promising at the Golden Friendship Park in 2016. Roads have by now been concreted. I wanted to begin with the picture taking at he much talked new ampitheather a few years ago. What has become of it? It’s just an empty and ugly concreted space. When I asked someone, a caretaker talked about lowly payment and corruption in city hall as the reason for this. Ok lets move on and visit the park crossing.

After crossing Capistrano St. I come across some more ugly views. They have made the island accessable for wheelchair users and at the same time made walking area for pedestrians unaccessable. After the C.R. kiosk the place looked like a dumphill. Some vagrants made it their home. Some of these colorful lightposts are missing and only foundations left. The roots of the trees destroying the fended low walle around them. The Rizal statue and that of mayor J. R. Borja has many broken tiles and are depilated and this is to see in the whole park. In the kiosk is a police outpost. The tourist assistance center looks nice as usual. The other side of the park is mostly taken over by more vagrants. The old Park Café has been dismanteld.

Résumé: The Divisoria Plaza or Golden Friendship Park in downtown Cagayan de Oro is not worth a visit anymore. Because of this sorry state of the park, the city has lost one of its treasures.